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Hi, I'm currently developing a game called Heroes Of Pyrupt. This will be my first game to be released to the public.

I decided to make this thread in order to update you guys regularly on the development of the game. If you would like to know more about the game, and get sneak-peeks such as gameplay videos and screenshots, feel free to follow my Twitter. It will help me so much!


How far into development is the game?

VERY EARLY. I'd say the free demo is about 50% done, and the game itself is going to be a lot longer. I'm hoping that the fact that the core mechanics are working should make the rest of the development a lot smoother and faster, but it's hard to tell.

When can I get the demo?

Pretty soon, but if you'd like it sooner, please follow my Twitter - I'll be giving the demo to my followers sooner, so look out!

So, what's the game like?

Here are some videos.

An early version of a boss fight.

The training system in use.

Also, if you'd like to hear some music, my SoundCloud includes some tracks from the game that are currently complete.

Thanks for reading!

- thecramp_8

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